2012 China Electric Vehicle Industrial Exhibition

December 7, 2012 to December 9, 2012, 2012 China Electric Vehical Industrial Exhibition- China Electric Vehical demonsrative promotion Mayor BBS Forum will be grand take place in Chongqing International Conference Exhibition Center.

  In recent years, a series of creating domestic importmant new energy vehical base production of ploicy, planning and measures have been publiced, and opened the motorcycle cities to paly Vehical industrial cluster advantages, construct internatioal famous new energy vehical base prelude. This exhibition gives great play to the government to develop the electrial vehical application advantage, supplying the government- enterprises coperation platform for the extensive vehical enterprises and power station companies, offering some great cooperation opportunities for the electrical vehical industrial. To create the first exhibition for electric vehical industry.

  2012 China Electric Vehical Industrial Exhibition, which forthcoming products are covered the intergration vehical , battery motor, charging equipment and spare parts showing area. Each showing area is included the HEV, pure electrial vehical, fuel battery vehicle, electrical motor coach, electrical bus, electrical car, electrical cleaner vehical, electrical sightseeing bus; chargering station intelligent network project planning and achievement, chargering station project planning and achievement showing, chargering station, charger. Charger piles, chargering station power distribition facilities, direct charge facilities; the whole vehical and control system, electricity power capacitor, flywheel, inverter, heatpump etc. facilities, so it is convenient for the electrical industrial public to visit and purchase.

  MC received the invitation, on the occasion, Guangdong M&C Electric Power Co., Ltd. will together with the China electrical vehicle association and China motor association, to supply the authorized technique supporting and development for this exhibition. Guangdong M&C Electric Power Co., Ltd. relied on the excellent orientation, high-end technology, the best quality products, will become the first choice distinguished guest by the motor association step by step.

  This exhibition will get Guangdong M&C Electric Power Co., Ltd. and MC sub-factories trumpet publicity and support, and make more and more customers around the world get profits from the exhibition. Meanwhile, MC hopes to get to know more electrical vehicle industrial figures through this exhibition, and exchange experience and share their study points, thus get the common development. MC wish 2012 China Electric Vehical Industrial Exhibition - China Electric Vehical demonsrative promotion Mayor BBS Forum has come to a successful conclusion.