Sixth South (Wuxi) electric motor Show will open

Sixth in 2011 in southern China (Wuxi) Electric vehicles and components trade fair exhibition do not care about his size, but in the breadth and depth of his is that he highlights and features, is whether he has the influence or guide the development of the industry's energy. Electric car industry after the upheaval of 2009, went through a major reshuffle of the 2010 trend, the industry giant regarded 2011 as the brand development of the industry key turning point in years, a new way to find out is imminent. In this context, to host the depth, the new Wuxi electric motorShow will have is the general trend is imperative. 2011 Xishan District Government, Xishan International Electric Vehicle Association and the Southern city of electric cars work, "the business" to new ideas, new models to upgrade to build Wuxi heavy development, the sixth exhibition season, when Fair Provisional industry, will once again South China International Electric Vehicle City on May 28, 2011 officially started.

  2011, to further promaote the electric vehicle industry, health and sustainable development, speed up industrial upgrading, Xishan District in Wuxi City, strong government support, the organizers set Xishan Electric Vehicle Association 2011 May 28 to 30 in 2011 held second half of the season of new products and accessories display the theme of the sixth South China (Wuxi) Electric vehicles and components trade fair.

  Xishan District, now the scale of development of electric vehicle industry has accounted for a quarter of the domestic market, has become the largest manufacturing base of electric vehicles, and the formation of the "China of Jiangsu, Jiangsu see Wuxi, Wuxi Xishan see" market and industry pattern. In government departments, industry leaders and many industry pundits for their support of electric vehicles south of the city to fully integrate the international industrial agglomeration advantages to create industry brand base, there are hundreds of well-known enterprises to enter the vehicle and accessories, and successfully promoted Parts Centre and the luxury industry summary paragraph paragraph Parts Centre, a real hub fittings industry

  Highlights full of cutting-edge model

  The exhibition will introduce a new exhibition ideas, feature full. New Japan, Europe and other enterprises will be invited to send their distributors to enter the exhibition participants; Huangyan Plastic Association composed of 35 companies boutique Union exhibitors, new products, new accessories will be all-round display, the depth of analytical development in Taizhou forum; assigned to take full advantage of exhibitors focused on the characteristics of the market traders commodity trading obligations invited to enter, consumers hold a "Shopping Festival", on the one hand to demonstrate the city of the Yangtze River International Electric Vehicle diversity and inclusiveness, to build the Yangtze River International Electric Vehicle characteristics and culture of the city, the other highlights a harmonious shopping atmosphere.

Sixth South (Wuxi) electric motor Show will open

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  n addition, the Wuxi during the exhibition, will be held specifically for the four ministries jointly issued a document on the regulation of electric car industry seminars, depth analysis of the electric car industry's future development.

  Luxury electric car models electric motorcyclemanufacturing base for fine leader of new products

  Wuxi is the largest production base of electric cars, electric cars has led the trend of development and change, this exhibition will fully demonstrate and Wuxi in electric car vehicle plastic parts, spare parts industry on the advantages of this exhibition will make full use of Wuxi local advantages, new electric motorcycle show Wuxi R & D, design, support and manufacturing capabilities, Wuxi and

  the surrounding areas to enhance vehicle electric vehicles and spare parts industries in domestic and international market position, corporate image and product display images in Wuxi, Wuxi to build Manufacturing brand.

  Wuxi plate models of electric vehicles as a national luxury boutique manufacturing base, as the leader in the world of electric motorcycle, in enhancing the core competitiveness of the industry to enhance the value-added products on the shoulder a very important responsibility, known as the electric car industry leader, China's leading electric car industry, new trend. Wuxi enterprises mainly in the luxurious new models based boutique and electric motors, which is determined by the market demand, market demand determines the southern section of Wuxi luxury models of electric vehicles and electric motorcycles new boutique to mainstream.

  Watch real-time government-backed media campaign grand

  electric motor Show will be held in Wuxi since has been much close attention to the municipal government of Wuxi, and received strong support from the government.

  When the "electric car business" and the global electric vehicle network as the authority of the media industry, will work with Wuxi bike (electric bike) industry associations join hands, in-depth cooperation, integration of all resources, to create industry event. In addition to "electric car business," its own, the mass media are also invited to the famous Wuxi Daily, Jiangnan Evening News Wuxi, Wuxi Traffic Radio, Erquan net local mass media and network media, and many electric car industry magazine "Electric Vehicle Business" , "electric cars resources", "electric car and driver" and the global electric vehicle network media network, the Chinese electric car network, build a strong media team, joint interaction, extensive campaign, the first report to the outside world grand show in Wuxi!

  Wuxi electric motor Show is currently one of the most influential exhibition, the exhibition has become the Wuxi Wuxi to promote and facilitate growth and development of electric vehicles the vane plate, by the national electric-vehicle, factory and dealer support the love and support. This is an excellent stage, which is the new release of the stage, the second half of 2011, the trend of the electric car industry will be in "the sixth in South China (Wuxi)electric motor Show" on the wonderful show for you