MCRR-Lithium Battery

Product Name: MCRR-Lithium Battery

Advantages:MCRR-Lithium Battery

1. Longer cycle life; It extends its cycle life up to 1000 cycles.

2. Applicated to electric bike.

3. High quality and safe.

4. Good performance at high temperature,wide operation temperature (-20 to 70°C)

5. Small size and much lighter.

6. No memory effect

7. Enviroment friendly! No heaveay metals contained, non-toxic

8. High discharge rate capability, fast charge.

9. Available capacity >96%.

10. Safety authentication: CE, RoHS


24V10AH,36V10AH, 36V15AH, 48V10AH

We can customize the battery as per your request too. So if you cant find your power battery, please tell me your request, we will give the best service.

MCRR-Lithium Battery

MCRR-Lithium Battery